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GSP is dedicated to helping venture teams in life sciences, medical devices and digital health scale to the US.

In just 5 weeks, your US strategy sharp and clear, and validated by US experts+ test your proposition and build network in a

1 week discovery trip to the US.

What is it?

A top notch US exploration program for

BioTech, MedTech, and Digital Health

companies seeking to scale to the US.

Open for 15-20 selected startups from each sector.

Pre - TRIP – “Get Ready” -  A 5 day course


Global Scale-Up Program logo.png

Course spread over 5 weeks to answer all key questions for your company about US

  • Why go to the US (sector specific)

  • When to go to US

  • What do you need to know about the US in your sector

  • What are the steps to go

  • How to plan to go to USA


US TRIP – “Get Set”

- 1 week discovery trip to US


Post - TRIP - Go

(sector specific) the goal is to test your proposition in US market, and start network, Californa and Boston.

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What do you get out of it?

Increase your chance of success for funding in EU with a clear US strategy .

The program gives you

A high level US strategy to use in pitch deck in EU

Start of financial, research, and commercial network in US

Feedback from US experts on current proposition

Meeting other world class companies

An immersive experience with your peers from other companies, creating close connection for life

What Makes it Special?

Access to unique network and experience of Marianne van der Steen

Interactive sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and US companies

Offered by leading accelerator in the Netherlands

How to apply?

and Funding

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