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Job Vacancy - GSC Junior Project Manager

Updated: 6 days ago

We are looking for a Junior Project Manager who assists the GSC International Grants Specialist for 3 hours per week.

The Junior Project Manager performs a range of administrative tasks designed to keep the GSC International Grants Specialist well informed on the grants applications. He or she communicates essential project information, review and edits project deliverables, and maintains confidential information and records, including the grant applications and ensures that the grant application process is well planned, properly executed, and well-organized.

GSC Junior Project Manager Job Responsibilities - Supports the GSC International Grants Specialist project in identifying the project risks and prepare risk mitigation measures to enhance full utilization of project outcomes.

- Collects all data and relevant documents from the customer to ensure quality and timely

delivery of data.

- Understand the grant scope, duration and create the grant requirements needed to

complete the grant application.

- Maintain a good working relationship with customers and GSC team to enhance quality

and timely delivery of data.

GSC Junior Project Manager Skills and requirements

- Bachelor’s degree

- Competence in IT, particularly in standard Microsoft Office project management tools: for

instance Excel, Word, PowerPoint.

- Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal in English and Dutch.

- Ability to work under pressure and complete tasks within a set duration.

- Attending digital one-on-one meeting with GSC International Grants Specialist and attend GSC team meetings in person on regular basis at our Nijmegen offices.

About GSC

GSC is a private consultancy firm working with scaling companies in the field of BioTech, MedTech and Digital Health. GSC supports these companies seeking to scale internationally and become successful in a foreign market.


Greetje de Kleuver Manager

Director Global Scale-up Company

Phone number: +31652413804



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