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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Newsletter | March 2019

Last October we have met you during the Global Scale-Up Program (GSP) in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Phoenix. The Global Scale-up program is a unique pressure-cooker preparation program for European venture CEOs to make their venture ready for a winning product launch, a next round of investments or new partnerships in the United States.

Remember the European CEOs of GSP 2018?

The venture companies gave us the feedback that they have received very valuable advice from the mentor boards and network during the program. Examples of their learning experiences are fine-tuning their US market positioning and define optimal market entry points for their business and they met and got connected to potential strategic partners and investors thanks to you and your network. For most companies is was a very useful scan for their US market exploration in key regions (see the appendix as a reminder of who the CEOs are). I am proud to share with you that two companies are now exploring with advisors (met during the GSP 2018), to get them on-board as US team members in order to get boots on the ground in SoCal; one company is with the help of the advice of you revising his business case to return later for seed capital investments; one company negotiated a research partnership contract with a biopharma company and two companies are fine-tuning their market launch based on your advice and are in close contact with potential US customers. Finally, one company is setting up its lab space in Irvine (as a subsidiary). We will keep you posted and will send you their own company stories once they are ready to share it. Finally, we also have our own GSP office at the COVE, at UC Irvine! You are more than welcome to visit us there!

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