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Market entry and marketing support

We offer a tailor-made market study for the global LSH market. 


In our Market Research, we look at the market and customer overview as well as the overall structure of the Dutch, US, and EU health care markets. We will inform you about the buying process (public tenders among others) and bring you into contact with potential buyers. Also, we identify the competition and potential partners. Last, we provide you with an overview of the potential legal and/or technical obstacles that (might) hinder your business’s growth.


We provide the insights needed to properly assess the feasibility of the expansion strategy of your company including the following topic areas:

  • Estimated market size and estimated development for the coming year

  • Overall public versus private care providers

  • Decision-making mechanisms and tools, tenders if applicable

  • Overall stakeholders/customer needs and wants

  • Potential legal and/or technical obstacles

  • Overall price levels Competition and Eco-system, including potential partners.

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