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GSP provides your company with access to funding. We help you get your hands government grants and subsidies, as well as other financial support tools from (the Dutch government) to help you scale your business

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Voucher Programs

GSP supports you to get access to voucher programs from the Dutch national and regional governments that will cover (part of) your expenses when you want to hire experts to help you with your scaling process.  We will help you find the right voucher for each stage in your scaling process.



GSP supports healthcare companies with international ambitions to get access to subsidy schemes that the government provides. GSP will help you determine which subsidy is best suited for your needs and help you throughout the application process or act as your intermediary. We will help you secure funds up to €100.000.

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Public-private cooperation


Under the auspices of GSP, you will be part of a consortium of Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions, the Dutch government, to enter the US market through a 2-year or 3-year action plan. We will work together with the (Dutch) government to secure the government relies on resources such as funding.

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