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GSC Innovation Partnership

Do you want to scale your business? It is a big step for life science and health ventures to enter foreign markets.

The Global Scale-up Company can help with your global Market Strategy. Depending on your needs and wishes, we will put together a plan which helps define the market strategy entree in the US for your venture.

Important topics 

  • The development of your product, process or service

  • The value proposition and possible revenue models

  • Development of your business case

  • Obtaining certification in the development of medical technology 

  • Finding financing for the development, including grants

  • Connecting you with our dedicated international network


GSC: Accredited Innovation expert

GSC is accredited as an innovation broker by Health Holland and Holland High Tech for scale-ups. GSC supports Netherlands-based healthcare and MedTech entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses with the expertise and resources to make it happen. GSC will develop a tailor-made project plan with you and be your partner during the project.

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Business Consultation

Thanks to the connecting role, the innovation paratnership can help to speed up the growth of your company. Innovating together with a team of  US experts simply works faster than staying within your own company walls.

- Jan Hunik, CEO Atro Medical


The value of this GSC Innovation Partnership is €12,500. Costs for your company: €2,500. 

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